“Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers Around the World”

From one mother to another,

You are awesome and rock like no other.

Proud parent that you are,

You are one to count on, no matter how far.

Thank God my mother is still alive.

Without her I would’t be able to even drive.

She is 84 and still going strong.

Though she has her moments, in my eyes, she can do no wrong.

 I love my mother with all my heart.

She is my middle, my end, and my start.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and to yours!

Mothers are a gift to everyone and so much more!


“Mother’s Every Day”

Instead of having just one day dedicated to Mother’s Day;

Why not celebrate Mother’s Every Day?

Mothers cook, clean, raise children, work, and take care of everything else aboard.

But, mothers deserve constant recognition and never-ending reward.

Mothers need love, devotion, and attention so we can continue to grow.

Because being a good mother requires many sacrifices you never even know.

Watching “An Imitation of Life,” I learned exactly what sacrifice really means.

Looking at my mother, now 84, I realize my sacrifices to her mean nothing but beans.

Being that I don’t have to struggle like she did while she raised me.

And understanding how blessed I am to still have her, is quite easy to see.

With life so full of uncertainties and the world out-of-control today.

My recommendation…Praise our Mother’s Every Day.

“Our Struggles – A Poem for Us and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Being that 2010 was such an eventful year;

My mind, body, and my soul now know no fear.

Unemployed, struggling to survive, and barely making ends meet;

Believing in GOD and me, conquered many a defeat.

Head-of-household, trying to raise a teenage child;

Many days seemed so hectic, making life less than mild.

Trying to hold onto a meaningful relationship with your significant other;

Only to lose the battle to ongoing problems faced with your child and your mother.

Struggles big; struggles small.

No matter who you are, struggles plague us all.

Struggling to survive, surviving just to struggle.

Not knowing where to go, where to run, or even where to snuggle.

Beating your fists up against the wall;

Not knowing where to turn or whom to call.

But, nothing compares to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s struggle; that between black and white.

And by joining in the celebration of his birthday on January 17th, it is as J. J. Evans “Good Times” often said, “Dyn-o-mite!”

A Valentine’s Day Poem (“Love Is A Many Complicated Thing”)

She loves you; she loves you not.
He loves you; he loves you not.

First, you spend every waking moment together.
Then, you can’t wait until the day you find someone better.

Then, that special day in February suddenly comes creeping around.
And buying that lovely gift or doing that extra deed, you’re now bound.

Do you still take your selfish girlfriend out for that a very pricy dinner?
Do you still show him love, regardless of his recent blunder?

If you’re lucky enough to have the love of a lifetime,
Don’t take it for granted, since another may be waiting in line.

Don’t panic if you don’t have someone to wear that shiny, new bling,
Just remember, you’re not alone because, “Love Is a Many Complicated Thing









Friendships are like a fine glass of wine.

 Savor the taste while enjoying the fruits from the vine.

If we continue to be friends, please promise me this,

Never do anything to put this friendship at risk.

I like the friends I’ve made today.

They make me laugh, think, or feel a certain way.

Being of sound mind and body, I am able to stand tall.

Since you’ve made me feel like the world isn’t so bad after all.

You contribute to making this planet a better place.

And your presence in my life, fills an empty void of space.

Thanks so much for being a friend.

Because you’re one reason why my heart is no longer on the mend.