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S.E.E. (Sustainable Eagle Enterprises) began vending certified organic produce exclusively sourced from Pine Knot Farms during Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2016. ​ ​ In 2017, we announced the launch of monthly community supported agriculture vending.  For more information, please see the links below.


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“Happy Mother’s Day “

A Beautiful Reality


From one mother to another,

You are awesome and rock like no other.

Proud parent that you are,

You are one to count on, no matter how far.

Thank God my mother is still alive.

Without her I would’t be able to even drive.

She is 90 and still going strong.

Though she has her moments, in my eyes, she can do no wrong.

I love my mother with all my heart.

She is my middle, my end, and my start.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and to yours!

Mothers are a gift to everyone and so much more!

“Mother’s Every Day”

A Reality We Must Recognize

Mother's Everyday

Instead of having just one day dedicated to Mother’s Day;

Why not celebrate Mother’s Every Day?

Mothers cook, clean, raise children, work, and take care of everything else aboard.

But, mothers deserve constant recognition and never-ending reward.

Mothers need love, devotion, and attention so we can continue to grow.

Because being a good mother requires many sacrifices you never even know.

Watching “An Imitation of Life,” I learned exactly what sacrifice really means.

Looking at my mother, now 84, I realize my sacrifices to her mean nothing but beans.

Being that I don’t have to struggle like she did while she raised me.

And understanding how blessed I am to still have her, is quite easy to see.

With life so full of uncertainties and the world out-of-control today.

My recommendation…Praise our Mother’s Every Day.

“Our Struggles – A Poem for Me and for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

A Struggling Reality  

Martin Luther King and Family

Being that 2010 was such an eventful year;

My mind, body, and my soul now know no fear.

Unemployed, struggling to survive, and barely making ends meet;

Believing in GOD and me, conquered many a defeat.

Head-of-household, trying to raise a teenage child;

Many days seemed so hectic, making life less than mild.

Trying to hold onto a meaningful relationship with your significant other;

Only to lose the battle to ongoing problems faced with your child and your mother.

Struggles big; struggles small.

No matter who you are, struggles plague us all.

Struggling to survive, surviving just to struggle.

Not knowing where to go, where to run, or even where to snuggle.

Beating your fists up against the wall;

Not knowing where to turn or whom to call.

But, nothing compares to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s struggle; that between black and white.

And by joining in the celebration of his birthday on January 17th, it is as J. J. Evans “Good Times” often said, “Dyn-o-mite!”

A Valentine’s Day Poem (“Love Is A Many Complicated Thing”)

An Opinionated Reality

Spongebob Squarepants Valentines Day

She loves you; she loves you not.
He loves you; he loves you not.

First, you spend every waking moment together.
Then, you can’t wait until the day you find someone better.

Then, that special day in February suddenly comes creeping around.
And buying that lovely gift or doing that extra deed, you’re now bound.

Do you still take your selfish girlfriend out for that a very pricy dinner?
Do you still show him love, regardless of his recent blunder?

If you’re lucky enough to have the love of a lifetime,
Don’t take it for granted, since another may be waiting in line.

Don’t panic if you don’t have someone to wear that shiny, new bling,
Just remember, you’re not alone because, “Love Is a Many Complicated Thing.”


A Meaningful Reality

  Friendships are like a fine glass of wine.

Savor the taste while enjoying the fruits from the vine.

If we continue to be friends, please promise me this,

Never do anything to put this friendship at risk.

I like the friends I’ve made today.

They make me laugh, think, or feel a certain way.

Being of sound mind and body, I am able to stand tall.

Since you’ve made me feel like the world isn’t so bad after all.

You contribute to making this planet a better place.

And your presence in my life, fills an empty void of space.

Thanks so much for being a friend.

Because you’re one reason why my heart is no longer on the mend.

Commemorating Memorial Day: A Poem Fit for Everyone

A Respected Reality

Memorial DayTo some, Memorial Day is the start of the summer season.

For others, it is a sad reminder of profound lost and meaningless reason.

For the families who lost a soldier due to the cruelties of war.

To the parents who lost a loved one due to neglect, sickness, or justice unfair.

Observed on the last Monday of May and formerly known as “Decoration Day,”

This Federal holiday commemorates the military and the lost of life, so they say.

Also, known as a time for picnics, barbecues, family, and friends.

It can also be a time, to our Father, for us to make amends.

Traditions include flying the U.S. flag at half-staff, from dawn until noon.

And, a national moment of remembrance at 3 p.m., during Eastern Time tunes.

Some even celebrate by having a community parade.

Now, a three-day weekend, most of us think we now have it made.

But, the truth of the matter is, no form of commemoration is right or wrong.

Because Memorial Day is a holiday to be observed for lives lost and lives that continue to live on.

“The Crow” A Perfect Halloween Movie

A Scary Reality


Released on May 11, 1994 and based on the 1989 comic book series by James O’Barr, “The Crow,” starring Brandon Lee, is action-packed and, at times, quite funny. It’s just a shame that Bruce Lee’s son died while taping the film. While filming the final weeks of production, Lee was killed when a dummy bullet, which became lodged in one of the guns, was fired into his abdomen. In this final and tragic movie, Brandon portrays Eric Draven, a poetic guitarist. He and his fiancé,’ Shelly Webster, played by Sofia Shinas, are assaulted by a gang of street thugs. This creepy, Gothic tale bears some differences to the actual comic book, since they are not assaulted after their car breaks down, but they are assaulted and murdered in their own apartment on Devil’s Night, as they prepare and celebrate their impending nuptials. Devil’s Night is the night before Halloween. It was also the night before their wedding day. Shelly was raped and beaten, only to die 30 hours later at the hospital. Eric was shot and pushed out the window.

Sergeant Albrecht, played by Ernie Hudson, is at the scene of the crime where Shelly was beaten and raped, and her fiancé Eric Draven, was lying dead on the street outside, having been shot and thrown out of the window. As Sergeant Albrecht leaves for the hospital with Shelly, he meets a young girl, Sarah, played by Rochell Davis, who says that she is their friend, and that they take care of her. Sadly, Albrecht tells her that Shelly is dying.

Exactly one year later, Eric wakes up and climbs out of his grave. Talk about a sight! He is out for some serious revenge! The crow guides him through the land of the living, and leads him to his killers: knife thrower Tin Tin, drugged Funboy, car buff T-Bird, and the unsophisticated Skank. They were city boss, Top Dollar’s thugs. The gang is lead by T-Bird, played by David Patrick Kelly, who sets fires in the city. Tin Tin, played by Laurence Mason, Funboy, played by Michael Massee, and Skank, played by Angel David are doomed, since Eric keeps having flashbacks to the murders, remembering all responsible for his and Shelly’s murder.

After Eric takes care of Funboy, he scares Sarah’s mother, Darla, played by Anna Levine, into giving up drugs and being a real mother to her daughter. Finally, he pays Albrecht a visit and explains why he came back from the dead. Meanwhile, when Eric touches Albrecht, he receives the pain felt by Shelly during her 30 hours of dying pain. So sad.

T-Bird and Skank are total trips! They stop at a convenience store pick up some supplies, when Eric arrives and kidnaps T-Bird. Skank follows and witnesses the killing. Of course, T-Bird escapes and runs straight to Top Dollar, played by Michael Wincott. Top Dollar is a criminal who controls all the street gangs in the city. Top Dollar and his half-sister, played by Bia Ling, are also lovers. Yuck!

In the end, Top Dollar catches on to what really keeps Eric going, the crow. Thus, he tries to take Eric down with whatever means necessary. This movie is relentless with danger, creepiness, violence, love, and reckoning. The original soundtrack album for the “The Crow” was even a chart-topper. It featured songs by The Cure; The Jesus and Mary Chain; Rage Against the Machine; and Stone Temple Pilots. Like I know who any of these artists are! I’m into R&B, Urban, Pop, and Contemporary Jazz.

A Special Poem for Father’s Day

A Touching RealityHappy Fathers Day

My father, your father, our father…let’s see.

Oh, father, where art thee?

Since mothers have always been the backbone of the family,

I want to say a little something about the fathers, finally.

With so many single dads in this nation,

Father’s Day should be celebrated just to honor their broken relation.

Fathers are the ones you seek when the bully at school is hurting you.

Fathers are the ones you seek when that nice boyfriend turns into a shrew.

Fathers can be as loving as any mom, to me.

Especially when mom is no longer in the picture, you see.

They change your diapers, read you stories, and walk you down the aisle.

They are the best father you could ever have as a blessed child.

They kiss your boo boos, they wipe your tears, and they make you laugh.

How could you ask for a better dad?

Another Classic 80’s Movie Review: “Rocky III”

A Classic Reality

KobalTake a Look at My Review of the Third Installment of the “Rocky” Film Series

Followed by “Rocky” and “Rocky II,” this 1982 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie release centered on boxer, Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone (also known to the adoring females as “The Italian Stallion”). Here, Rocky’s opponent is James “Clubber” Lang, played by Mr. T. (“The A-Team”). Rocky’s wife, Adrian, is played, once again, by actress, Talia Shire. In the opening segment, as seen at the end of the movie, “Rocky II,” Rocky and Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers, finally overcame their differences and move toward building a true friendship, while playfully staging a mock boxing match. And, as far as the film’s theme music is concerned, “Eye of the Tiger,” by group Survivor is the perfect touch.

Also, returning to the “Rocky” movie scene is Rocky’s sorry excuse for a brother-in-law, Paulie, played by talented actor, Burt Young. Here, Paulie is extremely jealous of Rocky and his success. Even though Paulie belittles Rocky, he eventually asks him for a job and Rocky, being such a good sport, easily obliges. Even real-life wrestling champion, Hulk Hogan, participates in a charity wresting match against Rocky. You wouldn’t believe how big Hulk Hogan is compared to Rocky. He is huge but very, very effect in their staged fighting match.

Now, Rocky seriously thought about retiring, since his wife was frantic and didn’t want him boxing anymore. Seems he sustained too many blows to the head and could easily suffer permanent damage if he continues to fight in the ring. Being a relentless, outspoken, aggressive boxer, Clubber Lang continues to pursue Rocky and challenge him to a boxing match. Mickey, played by legendary actor, Burgess Meredith, Rocky’s long-time trainer and friend, doesn’t want Rocky to fight. He doesn’t think Rocky can win. He believes Lang is a young, hungry fighter, whereas, Rocky no longer has that edge.

Unbeknownst to Rocky, Mickey had a damaged heart and shouldn’t have been bothered by the stress of another boxing match. But, being Mickey and loving his Rocky, he finally agrees to train Rocky. Sadly, this match does cost him his life and Mickey suffers a severe heart attack. After the fight is over, Rocky couldn’t bear to tell Mickey the truth so he lied and told Mickey on his dying bed that he won the match between the dreadful Clubber. Mickey’s death really took its toll on Rocky. Clearly, from Rocky’s reaction in the movie, he loved Mickey dearly.

In order to get Rocky back on track and among the living, so he could fight a rematch with Clubber and reclaim his victory title, he received help and guidance from his newfound friend, Apollo Creed. At Madison Square Garden, New York City, Rocky was unstoppable as he looked Clubber straight in the eye and pounced on him like a leopard pounces on his prey. Honey, I know, he made Mickey proud! At the end of the movie, Rocky and Apollo return to Mickey’s gym, just like two, old friends!